Relaunching My Blog!

It’s been several years since I’ve written anything in my blog. My old website still exists on Blogger, and miraculously it still all resolves correctly using the beautiful custom CSS templates and Javascript menu items I coded myself!

Instead of updating that blog however, I’m creating a new one on WordPress via the free tools available with my hosting provider, Inmotion Hosting. I thought it would be relatively straightforward but it still took several hours to set things up the way I wanted. I think one of my first posts will be to document how to create a blog if you have Inmotion Hosting as a provider, how to resolve some of the errors I encountered, etc.

In the intervening years since my previous blog post, I had two kids (hence I didn’t have time to blog) and instead of being employed by a big corporation, I manage money for a family office based in Asia.

My interests have remained similar but have shifted somewhat…

  • On the gaming front, I stopped playing World of Warcraft and switched to Heroes of the Storm although I’ve since quit that game too. I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY ABOUT THAT!
  • Regarding fitness, instead of road biking, triathlons, and teaching group exercise, I do CrossFit
  • When it comes to arts & crafts, I’m still very much a knitter!

Come back soon at which point I hope to have built up more posts to read!


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