About Me

My name is Lauren Wu. I am from many places, including Toronto, Canada (where I was born), Hong Kong (where I grew up), Boston (where I obtained my MBA), New York (where I worked briefly) and San Francisco (where I now reside).

Note that my name is pronounced “lore-RENNE” (as in “Sophia LOREN”), and not “LORE-uhn”. Those who know me from gaming call me Kayna.

I’ve worked in a number of industries, including technology, management consulting, investment banking, venture capital, public investing, and now asset management.

Part of this site used to be a health & fitness weblog which I used to post reviews of certifications I had completed, like Turbo Kick, as well were I kept personal race results, and discussed general health topics. Read about my first and only major triathlon: Treasure Island Sprint!

It’s been years since I’ve blogged and the topics will primarily surround my hobbies which include gaming, knitting, and CrossFit. While I rebuild my site, come find me on Twitter.