It's been a while since I've tinkered with my website and I'm going to begin by co-opting the "about me" page as a placeholder. My first order of business is to ressurect my primary blog. I still have my healthy & fitness blog as well, but that one will have fewer updates on races/training as I am now a mom of two boys: Wolverine and Sabre Tooth. Yes, I'm an X-Men fan! So bear with me as I rework the site...


Everything you always wanted: CANADA My name is Lauren Wu. I am from many places, including Toronto, Canada (where I was born), Hong Kong (where I grew up), Boston (where I obtained my MBA), New York (where I worked briefly) and San Francisco (where I now reside with the love of my life, Daddy Liu).

Please note the following about my name:

  • My name is pronounced "lore-RENNE" (as in "Sophia LOREN"), and not "LORE-uhn"
  • I respond to Lauren, (Ms.) Lauren Wu and (Mrs.) Lauren Liu, but not "Mrs. David Liu". I love my husband, but I do have an identity separate from his! ;-)
  • Even though I'm married, I'm not changing my last name. Perhaps I will drop my surname altogether, like "Madonna" or "Cher"

I've worked in a number of industries, including technology, management consulting, investment banking, venture capital and public investing/asset management. For my birthday one year, my husband, Dave, compiled selected Dilbert cartoon strips to summarize my recent career history. He calls it "Wubert".

Part of this site is a health & fitness weblog which I'm going to use to post reviews of certifications I've completed, like Turbo Kick, personal race results, and general health topics. Read about my first major triathlon: Treasure Island Sprint!

American Council of Exercise certification logoTeaching group exercise is another hobby of mine, primarily cardio kickboxing and step aerobics. My primary certification is through ACE (American Council of Exercise) which I obtained in August 2002. My other certifications include YMCA Group Fitness Instructor, YMCA Martial Arts/ICSA Thomas "The Promise", Turbo Kick and Cycle Reebok/YMCA Indoor Group Cycling. I used to be a group fitness instructor at various YMCA locations in the Bay Area Peninsula, but I'm slowing down now that I have a new little man in my life!


Last updated: June, 4, 2012